Contraindications of the massage. Tips to keep in mind

Contraindications of the massage. Tips to keep in mind

When it comes to receiving a massage in a professional manner, it is important to take into account contraindications. In this way, we will avoid discomforts that are generated by receiving treatment not according to our need. It is always possible to take into account another option of massage according to special situations. Consult beforehand is the most advisable.

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Tips to keep in mind

During pregnancy, it is contraindicated to massage the abdominal area and the lower back. Yes, you can receive a massage on the shoulders and neck. Massage of lymphatic drainage in lower limbs is recommended, always with written authorization of the obstetrician and/or family physician. Taking into account this sensitive stage of life and avoiding taking unnecessary risks.

In cases of osteoporosis, a disease that predominates in women after the age of 45, when it is an alteration in the reabsorption of calcium, great care must be taken when moving joints, since spontaneous fractures can occur. Also in cases of acute arthritis and some cases of osteoarthritis. Therefore it is advised to inform the masseur of this state.

When there are rashes, bruises or any injury to the skin should be avoided massage. Also when there are very sensitive veins. In cases of phlebitis. In a case of dermatitis. If we encounter influenza or fever, you should not perform the massage, so it will be convenient to postpone it.

Contraindications of the massage. Tips to keep in mind

People with a history of high blood pressure, heart attacks, blockages, arrhythmias, pacemakers should ask the doctor’s authorization and give it to the professional masseuse. Facing this situation you will receive a blood pressure control before and after the massage. It is also not advisable to receive a massage during menstruation. When the massage is performed a vasodilation occurs, this can lead to a state of anaemia.

The main recommendation is to find a professional specialist, give us know about needs and contraindications, consult the doubts previously and relax to enjoy the well-being that this treatment produces without risk.