Is it Possible to Recover your Body with Massage?

Sport is health and the goal is to avoid injuries and microtrauma and recover as soon as possible to enjoy all the benefits of sport, stay in shape and achieve wellness

Stitches after practicing sports can be avoided or reduced to be bearable and do not bother you in daily life, and also so that you can retrain as soon as possible.

Massage as a “natural remedy” for recovery

Getting “better results” is the natural goal of any athlete, but not at any price. Winning or recovering better can never justify the use of products or drugs prohibited by anti-doping law. There are a large number of measures as an alternative to doping, including the natural work of fitness, good sports techniques, good equipment and also dietetics and recovery methods

Recovery is vital for athletes, at any level and in any sport. The sooner and better you recover, the sooner you will feel physical and psychological well-being.

Stretching, cold, feeding, hydration and massage are part of the different complementary methods of a good recovery.

Sports massage is a manual recovery technique

Sport massage after exertion, by reducing inflammation, decreases the muscular “stress” of the effort and reduces the appearance of deferred pains called thighs.

With massage, they heal microlesions of damaged muscle fibers. It has an antiallergic and anti-oedematous function, as it increases the vasodilation of the skin and facilitates the venous and lymphatic circulation. Therefore, it works as a drug but without any contraindication.

Technical sheet of a good recovery massage

The massage is performed in a room at a mild and pleasant temperature, with light and natural light to avoid visual aggression and, if possible, with relaxing ambient music. The athlete lies on the massage table covered with a disposable sheet. To facilitate vasodilation, you can propose a shower with hot water or a sauna session before the massage.


The goal is to drain and activate the muscular blood circulation with techniques of pressure, vibration, percussion, friction and soft massages not deep for a minimum period of 20 minutes. Essential oils, reconstitutive creams or talc are used, beginning at the point farthest from the extremities and ending in the trunk. In some more sensitive areas a deep transverse massage (MTP) can be applied if it is not a recent muscle injury, since it could aggravate it or cause the formation of an ossifying myositis. Some fantastic massage chairs give deep tissue massage that can be used as an alternative to deep transverse massage (MTP) so you can also have it with a massage chair, here are best massage chair consumer reports and you should check them out.

Complementary technique

Manual or machine lymphatic drainage is a complement to the appropriate massage for athletes who have circulatory insufficiency in the lower extremities or in rehabilitation after wearing a plaster.

As a complement to the massage

The localized application of cold in the form of shower or other methods contributes to accelerate the muscular recovery

Stretching after exertion is also recommended.

Self-massage favors circulation and venous return. It is within reach of all thanks to the recovery socks!



Late-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or post-workout muscle soreness are common after-work phenomena.

Massage is important in the recovery process after the effort to reduce or limit the discomfort of these muscular pains in athletes, of any level and any sports practice.